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We specialize in
new media branding
& internet marketing

WE ARE the small team with up-to-date web skills and perspective targets. We explore web technology and new media to transform our society for better.

WE PREFER to collaborate with social impact projects in science, art, ecology, health and education initiatives, urban-related projects, activism and hacktivism.

WE KNOW that web clicks can not only raise your profit margin. It can influence decisions, change fate, save lives. We are working on increasing this essential clicks.

WE BELIEVE that Internet-driven wave of globalization leads to transparent governments, responsive businesses and friendly people.

Our team

  • Akolzin Roman

    Executive Director

  • Alan Grant

    Marketing director

  • Stanislav Novi

    Strategic director

  • Alik Brezhnev

    Social media director

  • Alex Gladilov

    Chief Technical Director


What we can do?


We have 7 years of web-development experience: websites, mobile applications, cloud solutions, saas-platforms, social networks.


We are able to provide the constant support to your internet-projects: solving technical problems, troubleshooting, configuration and administration of servers.


From creating a whole new corporate identity to updating or redesigning your existing one, we can handle it. We professionally name your Internet-project, choose a domain, develop cutting edge design to amplify your brand message.


We have an expertise in search engines optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM). We can create promotion strategy to increase the number of relevant searches and make your project more profitable.


Great design has that “wow”- factor that makes products more desirable and services more appealing to users. We carefully set user goals, make prototypes and evaluate whether it meets customers' needs and expectations.


In very beginning we spark our imagination and discuss idea of the project, set up the goals and fulfill a document detailing all requirements.



Once we articulate goals from a strategic level, it becomes much easier to work out the details and steer project toward strategies that utilize all the potential of the web.



Having the ability to create a web-project and knowing how to use the web effectively are two totally different things. The first feedback from users - critically important.

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